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What Is the Role of our Security Service? 
Our security services are essential in keeping people safe in public spaces. The main goal is to prevent problems from occurring. Here are some duties and security services we practice showing how important and effective they are.

Visibility and Vigilance.

One of the simple roles of being a member of the security team is to be visible. Having the presence of a security guard who is actively doing the Job will be enough to prevent a crime from happening. In addition, we believe that to be an efficient guard; one must be diligent. A good security guard sees, hears, and notices everything and picks up on anything unusual.

Peace of mind is what we provide to our clients while under our protection. 
Fort NYC Security will be successful because of its most important asset: its people. We offer our employees the opportunity for growth and development and a competitive compensation program to allow them to remain focused on providing the best security services to our clients. All of our guards are NYS trained and licensed per the NYS Department of State requirements.

We are committed to the belief that mutual trust and honesty are fundamental ingredients of successful working relationships. As a result, the culture of Fort NYC Security is one of open communication, teamwork, and mutual respect. 

Services are for the unarmed watch guards. Costs may vary depending on the timeframe, the total billable hours per contract, and the general scope of service.

Types of Guard Services:

  • Retail/Loss Prevention

  • Overnight Building Watch

  • Fire / Safety Watch

  • Student Tour Supervision

  • Special Events, Parties, Conferences

  • Roaming Patrols

  • Executive Protection

  • Facility Foot Patrols

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Concierge / Guest Monitoring

Types of Guard Services:

  • Retail Stores / Distribution Centers

  • Construction Sites

  • Abandoned Property Patrol

  • Hotels

  • Arenas, Theatres, Function

  • Facilities

  • Residential Buildings, Office Parks

  • Bodyguard Work, Employee Terminations

  • Garages

  • Hospitals

  • Professional Office Buildings, Museums



When discussing security and protection, we aim to make intelligent decisions to mitigate risk and reduce exposure. As a client, you should rest assured that the contractors you have at your property are qualified and appropriately insured. Fort NYC Security is bonded and licensed, and we guarantee to meet your company’s insurance requirements.

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